Oxbridge Academy Offers Value To Students through Social Media

Social MediaThe value of engaging with your audience in environments where they can interact and respond to you has tremendous value. Oxbridge Academy, a distance learning college based in Stellenbosch, understands this very well, if there online social activity is anything to go by.

Colleges typically attract a young audience. This audience is comfortable with exchanging, sharing, commenting on, and even questioning information on social platforms where they can enjoy feedback from other people. It is well known that people are more likely to do business with companies that were recommended by other people, than to simply trust what the business is claiming about themselves.

When it comes to education and more specifically, distance education, the road can be long and lonely when you are studying from home without the interactivity with other students that would typically be enjoyed if you attended a brick-n-mortar college. Providing a platform where these students can interact with other students on a social level adds tremendous value to the experience of the student. Not only does it remove the sense of isolation, but it also motivates students to study when they feel like they are part of a larger group.

Oxbridge has taken this one step further. Not only have they embraced the use of branded online social media platforms like Facebook and Tumblr. They themselves also actively participate on these ‘groups’, offering everything from motivational memes to study tips to humorous and interactive posts.

Below are 3 images you can click on to visit their Facebook page, Tumblr Blog and Mobi Site, respectively. Whether to enjoy their content or simply get an idea of a good model to follow, these sites are worth visiting.

Oxbridge Academy Facebook

Oxbridge Academy Tumblr

Oxbridge Academy Mobi

If you would like to read up on them in the news, simply click this link: Oxbridge Academy News

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