Public Administration: Courses and Job Description

Successfully completing courses in public administration in South Africa provides individuals with the right background to pursue a career in governmental or in a non-governmental organization. Governmental as well as non-governmental organizations are evolving and maturing. They are also overlapping in service, therefore pushing the demand for educated experts in public service to a whole new level. College studies in this field prepares the professional to succeed in this complex and often politicized environment. As competition in this ever growing sector gets fierce, more colleges are offering learners the flexibility of taking their classes online.

Public admin courses cover many areas that are aimed at equipping the learners with the right skills and knowledge. Some of the key areas that the training covers, include public management and administration, public law and governance, public finance administration, human resources management, management communication and computer practice.

As far as public administration job descriptions go, graduates can take up jobs in areas such as provincial, local, national levels of government and also in public-service sectors which include animal welfare, international relief agencies and healthcare, just to name a few. Other roles which people with college education in public admin include conducting safety audits, investigating potential or suspected criminal activity, working as consultants and being stewards in general public interest. The professionals also implement strategies that help connect the citizens to their governments while also helping in improving the people’s response to natural disasters.

One of the key elements that these jobs share is motivation. In most instances, your focus will be on such things as providing services, implementing policies or evaluating social programs. As a public admin professional, you may also be involved in financial planning, marketing, research and development. A degree in public administration is increasingly becoming a requirement in public policy and administration.

To succeed in this job, you will need solid computer skills and a wide range of soft skills in the use of technology. As a matter of fact, judgment, human contact, compassion and intuition are not duties that can be replaced by computers. Some of the specific job titles that fall under the realm of public administration are tobacco and firearms inspector, city manager, safety inspector, criminal investigator, internal security inspector, labour management specialist and private investigator among others.

Public admin jobs are getting outsourced, but this doesn’t mean that the number of job opportunities that are available will decrease. Even with this in mind, most of the jobs will be handled by local companies, so job rates are expected to remain steady. At advanced levels, public-administration graduates are introduced to advanced areas of learning that will help them improve their knowledge and take up much bigger challenges in the world of service. Advanced courses, especially at master’s level focus mostly on sociological components, ethics, policy analysis, constitutional issues and international affairs among others.

With the demand of well-trained public professionals soaring, many colleges have started to offer this course. Fortunately, you will find that very reputable institutions are offering this course online, therefore making it more flexible for the learners. However, it’s imperative that you enrol with an accredited institution when you study public administration in South Africa with an accredited institution.

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